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March 22, 2009


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Mayor Gray........
    An expensive lesson to learn? Hey! Newsflash! Why not get your Goon Squad to read The United States Constitution specifically The Bill of Rights!?
    Mayor Gray, if this man committed no crime, why would the GS need his picture? This isn't rocket science that your dealing with. It is common sense. I mean, that is if certain individuals on the Lancaster City Police have any common sense.

The first post under today Sunday News article by Gil Smart, “New photo policy for Lancaster Police,” (click here).          

    Doesn’t Gil Smart put a nice sugar coating on outrageously bad police behavior?  The man spent over five months in jail on a completely bogus, made-up charge.  He was obviously physically abused by Officer Ray M. Corll. 

    And there is no mention of the monetary award.  Notice Smart opens with Bush being “a little bit richer” and ends quoting Mayor Gray saying, “It was an expensive lesson to learn.”  I have been told that a monetary award is public information when it is a tax-payer supported agency that is sued.  I will see if I can find out.  I hope Gregory Bush got a lot of money!

    It also seems to me that the law firm of Clymer & Musser P.C. is becoming rich suing the police and the Lancaster County Prison on behalf of individuals who were grievously wronged.  Good for them.  Since the Lancaster Newspapers don’t publicize or hold any officials accountable for bad/illegal behavior, someone has to protect the citizens.  Thank you Attorney David Dye.


    This is the last day for me to publish on this site.  Tomorrow you will be automatically transferred to the new site when you come here.  Please be patient as I learn the new software.  Thank you again to those who worked so hard to make this possible.  Yikes! 




    Stevens' arrest came after a months-long investigation into prostitution at the residence, police said. Englert [Lt. Stephen Englert] said Wednesday the investigation is continuing and additional arrests are expected.

From Thursday’s Intell article, “Sex sting nabs Maytown woman,” (click here).

    According to the  Lancaster County Prison website today, Emma Stevens is still in jail charged with two counts of prostitution with her bail set at $25,000.  I spoke with Susquehanna Regional Police Lt. Stephen Englert Friday afternoon by phone about this get the black woman out of Maytown sting.

    He said the additional arrests should come in a “week or two.”  I asked him whether the arrests would be for drugs or prostitution.  He said “They are not drug related.”  He said “Give us about a week” and told me to contact him then.  I most certainly will.  I can’t wait!  There better be something good after a “months-long” investigation.

    Would a good lawyer please go see Stevens in jail and help her get out on bail?  This is horrendous.


    In today’s combined Intell/New Era there is white-bread, dorky columnist Jeff Hawkes on the front page with an opinion piece that is not labeled as such.  What is it about?  Bill Ayers, of course!  I could care less what you think, Hawkes.  And the only people who made this man’s visit to Millersville “controversial” were the Lancaster Newspapers who published article after stupid article about it.  They published more on Ayers’ visit than on the Roseboro murder.  Seriously!


    Speaking of the Roseboro murder, a smart emailer sent me links to these two articles:  “Want to get away with murder?  Use a special detergent,” (click here) and “Why hair bleach is a murderer’s best friend,” (click here).  Thank you and very interesting.  What did Michael Roseboro (and a possible helper) use to clean up Jan Roseboro’s blood?

Please check back tomorrow…


You won’t believe this – I know, I didn’t think it could happen either – but the Intell/New Era Saturday paper has sunk to a new all time low.  Remarkable!  How do they go so low?

Please check back later today…


~ And Your Applications In! ~



    Some days you find things by accident – today I found the mother lode.  Is it a coincidence or meant to be?  The Borough of New Holland needs a police officer!  Yes indeed!  I would urge every black, Hispanic and Asian man and woman to apply just as quickly as you can!

    The ad reads:

    The Borough of New Holland is seeking applications for the position of Police Officer.  Application forms may be obtained at the New Holland Police Department, 436 E. Main St., New Holland, PA between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Applications can also be sent electronically.  Requirements:

- High school diploma or equivalency certificate

- Act 120 certified by date of testing

    Click here  for the remainder of the ad.

    Shortly down the road, they will need more police officers when the two involved in the arrest and torture of Faith Mugwe are fired.

    Let’s integrate this racist police force!  Let’s bring change to New Holland!  Apply now.

    Speaking of the police, I spoke with Lt. Stephen Englert of the Susquehanna Regional Police today about the Maytown “prostitution sting.” (See below on this site.)  That will come tomorrow.

    Have a great Friday!




    Yeah, all those cameras are going to make us safer.
    I'll mention the reliability of eyewitness identification, too. They arrested him on the strength of that alone?
    Cavalier "happens from time to time" routine isn't exactly contrite.

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under this morning’s Intell article, “Police had  wrong guy,” (click here).            

    And Bill Ayers has come and gone and Lancaster County is still in one piece!  Who knew?

    Happy Spring!  Please check back later today…





    LNP has made it official. Does this satisfy Becky and Denveronline?

The very first post on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the New Era 3-16-09 story, “Is it Roseboro’s baby?” (click here). 

    No.  We are not satisfied.  It’s been public knowledge for months that Angela Funk is pregnant.  You can’t hide a belly.  It’s been public knowledge for many months that her husband Randy had a vasectomy making it very unlikely the baby is his.  That information comes from numerous people in a position to know.  It’s also known that Angela very early on, in August of 2008 in fact, acknowledged to family and others that it was Roseboro’s baby.

    None of this has been in the Lancaster Newspapers.  Not a word for eight months until this story.  Not even a picture of Angela Funk.

    On the DenverPaOnline.com forum the Roseboro Case thread has gone to 95 pages with 1,412 posts and 77,724 views.  Jealous Talkbackers were quick to say it is gossip-mongering and a waste of time.  The District Attorney doesn’t think so.  He’s the one who requested the paternity test.  It goes straight to the motive for Roseboro killing his wife.

    And the very last post to date under the article is this excellent reply to some of those posts:

    Gosh, I fundamentally disagree with both these statements. The very fact is a murder IS of total interest to everybody; the family(s) involved, their neighbors, the general public… We all have a right to know what the heck goes on in our world and we should be able to ask why it goes on.
    And while some of the gossip or speculation or assumptions may drift beyond reasonable boundaries, that's ultimately up for the real facts to reflect upon. And, yes, some of the gossip or speculation or assumptions may not resonate comfortably with the family members left behind, that's unfortunate (but those are the last people that should be following this type of format!).
    Let's face it, this murder is a made-for-TV story… Not something I'd use my TV to tune to but Hollywood has made their ga-zillions on stories just like this.

    You hit the nail on the head.  And many of the posters on the Denver site know one or more of the parties involved.  They are neighbors and friends of the parties involved.  There has been no coverage by the Lancaster Newspapers so they have created their own site and chat to find out the latest news.  Good for them.  And many posters also remind us often, that at the crux of this tragedy are four children without parents and we should never forget that. 

    The baby watch is on for this site as Funk’s official due date of April 1 approaches.  From Jesse, the owner of the Denver site, this obvious joke about Angie addressing her husband Randy on April First:

    The baby is yours!  April Fools! 


    The same Talkbackers who were slamming Denver for “gossip” were making horrid comments under the articles about the “prostitution sting” in Maytown.  (See immediately below).  I will contact the police tomorrow and see when we can expect these additional arrests after their “months-long” investigation!


    This site is limping along – but a new one is being prepared by several wonderful men and the switch to a whole new look and somewhat changed format is hopefully coming any day now!  As I noted about a week ago, this site is too big for the webhost’s software program and they have been complaining that I am crashing other sites!  Yikes!  This should make everyone happy and I can’t thank those involved in creating the new site enough.  (Hint to one gentleman –  call me please!  I need training in how to use the new software!  I believe readers will also be able to make comments – moderated comments! – under my posts.  Uh, oh…) 




    Stevens' arrest came after a months-long investigation into prostitution at the residence, police said. Englert said Wednesday the investigation is continuing and additional arrests are expected.

This morning’s Intell, “Sex sting nabs Maytown woman,” (click here). 

    Wow!  This huge police investigation and story just won’t go away!   I can’t wait for the additional arrests.

Please check back later today…


~ For Years and Years! ~


Ernie Schreiber, editor of the New Era, is a disgusting human being.  On the home page of Lancaster Online there is “Maytown woman charged with prostitution,” by Janet Kelley (click here).

   Yes, of course there’s a photo with the “article” because she’s black.  The racism at these papers is simply astonishing, illegal and absolutely intolerable. 

    I am looking into filing a class action suit against the papers and the $140 million dollars in state grants they have received for their convention center/hotel project.  A firm that blatantly breaks federal law and has for years, obviously has no business receiving any taxpayer money whatsoever.  They should be criminally charged and fined.

    Please check back tomorrow for more on the Roseboro case.  Please note the Lancaster Newspapers have not run one photo of Angela Funk, ever, in connection with the Roseboro murder even though they have two photos of her on file.  Funk is pregnant with Roseboro’s baby and she is the prosecution’s motive behind Roseboro brutal killing of his wife, Jan.




    Michael Roseboro’s homicide trial for the murder of his wife, Jan, is now scheduled to begin on July 17, 2009 instead of July 6, 2009.  It was a very short continuance that was requested and granted by Judge James P. Cullen.  I have the original PDF format of the documents.  Please check back tomorrow for the documents in full.




                                                       Angie and Randy Funk

    Funk, of Denver, told police that Roseboro loved her, he planned to marry her and that she was pregnant with his child.
Janet Kelley of the New Era in yesterday’s story, “Is it Roseboro’s baby?” (click here).

    Where did Kelley obtain this information?  Angie Funk’s pregnancy is not mentioned in the police Affidavit of Probable Cause.  It was not disclosed at Roseboro’s preliminary hearing.

    When did Funk tell the police and the DA she is pregnant?  Why did Roseboro’s attorney request a continuance in the trial yesterday?  How long will the trial be delayed?

    Have they determined the paternity of Funk’s baby or is the blood for use after his birth?  When did Michael Roseboro know Funk was pregnant?

     I picked today as the birth date in the DenverOnLine.com chat poll.  Where will Angie give birth?  Who will be at her side?  What will the baby’s last name be?  Is Angie still living with her husband, Randy?

Please check back later today…Angie, could you have the baby for me today?





Click here  for “Is it Roseboro’s baby?”

    Well, as a poster on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum posted, if it’s not, that opens up a whole huge other can of worms.  You see, as reported by this site in August of 2008, Angela’s husband, Randy Funk, had a vasectomy after the birth of their second daughter.  The odds of it being his are extremely, extremely small.

    Roseboro’s attorney has apparently requested a continuance in the trial date of July 6 and it has been granted.

    Please check back tomorrow.  Of all days I had trouble publishing today.  It could be the number of people coming here.  There will be round the clock coverage of this tomorrow.  I also have so many people – wonderful people – on DenverPaOnline and elsewhere -who have trusted me and told me so much and I owe all of you a huge debt.  Thank you and see you all at the trial!   


Please check back later today...


~ Tell It To Smart! ~


Marv Adams



    There's a satisfaction in seeing one of our articles reach so many readers. But it also shows that it's time for newspapers to start charging Web "aggregators," who do little reporting of their own, for using our reports.
    Where would they be without the newspapers that originate more than 90 percent of the news in this country?

    And where would Limbaugh, Olbermann and other commentators be?

    Applying spin is not reporting.

Marv Adams, editor of the Sunday News, in his column today, “Reporting is Drudgery,” (click here).

    You have to wonder whether Marv can get any stupider. Whaaa.  Once in two years someone national used one of our stories.  We got a huge number of viewers.  Whaaa.  We wanna charge 'em money.  Whaaa.

    There are these dead-on responses under the Lancaster Online Talkback forum:

    Marv, do you get charged for all of the sites that Gil constantly lifts/uses for his blogs? You might not want to open that can...


    I was thinking more like LNP paying Drudge for all those referrals, far beyond anything LNP could gin up. He did something for the advertisers that LNP can't do.

    Marv is an idiot and a major crybaby to boot!


~ Yikes! ~



    Yikes a mighty!  I was going to lighten things up today – or maybe smoke them up! – and then I reread the email I’m printing below.  Yikes!

    I receive these solicitations occasionally.  You link to my site and I’ll link to yours.  The funny thing is I actually noticed this web address on my traffic statistics and pulled up the site about two weeks ago.  Oh, my!

    Great information site but it makes me wonder who would post on their forum.  Won’t the police be knocking on your door? 

    You see, the site is rollitup.org and is labeled “The marijuana source.”  Oh, my!  And the part of the email that has sent me into a tizzy?  He has already linked to me under “Hot Sites” at the bottom of his home page!  Really!

    Uh, oh!  Anyone have any suggestions?  Should I let it stand (I know nothin’, Mr. Police Officer)?  Should I tell him to take it down?  How high do I want my traffic statistics to go?  Please email me with your suggestions.  Thank you.

    Okay, I just noticed this guy is from Canada.  That explains a lot:


Recently I visited your website http://www.lipnews1.com;while visiting your site I noticed that you link to http://www.pcntv.com at this address: http://www.lipnews1.com/WomenParton111.html. As we are closely related to them, I would love to exchange links with your website, currently there are about 5,000 - 7,000 people per day that goto my site and search for information, Therefore I would to link to an excellent site like yours.

I have taken the liberty of adding your site to my home page: http://www.rollitup.org to determine if it is of any benefit to you, if you have a stats program you can check it and let me know. By looking at my stats, it looks like today I have sent you 27 visitors but it may change by the time you receive this email.

Some website owners do not like when other sites link to them so I thought I might ask first. I think the information on your website could be useful to my visitors; and maybe you could receive some extra relevant traffic if you want. Please get back to me when you have a chance to let me know if its ok to link to your website like this.

Have a good week,

Mark Thompson

website: http://www.rollitup.org





    Dixon was arrested near his home on East Marion Street 17 hours after the shooting.

    The handgun police say was used in the shooting was found at another location.

    Police could not link Dixon to the gun through DNA, fingerprints or registration records.

    But Brown said none of that evidence was necessary.

    "This case didn't come down to forensics," he said. "The key was good old-fashioned, eyewitness testimony."

From this morning’s Intell article, “Man guilty of shooting bar patron,” (click here).

    Don’t you just love Lancaster County!  No forensics needed!  Good old-fashioned eyewitness testimony!  Yes, that good old eyewitness testimony (from a bar no less in this case) is why so many men convicted of rape and other crimes are being released from prison and cleared due to DNA evidence. 

    Oh, they do know how to make their lack of evidence sound good, don’t they?  Just like good old-fashioned hand-churned ice cream. 

    The jury of seven women and five men voted more than one time in the sentencing phase, though Grissinger did not want to go into the details.

From today’s New Era article, “Juror:  behind the Sanchez verdict,” (click here).

    A young man just received the death sentence for a murder he committed while eighteen years old.  Have we ever once been told the racial make-up of this jury?  What kind of reporting is this?  He received a death sentence and we don’t know the racial make-up of the jury?  Anyone want to bet it was all white?  Aren’t they all in Lancaster County?  More of the those good "old-fashioned" days!

Please check back tomorrow…


Please check back later today...




    District Attorney Craig Stedman called Sanchez "a coward" and challenged anyone who questions whether Sanchez deserves to be put to death.
    "These are among the most despicable acts in the history of Lancaster County," Stedman said.
    "It's such a sad case," Stedman said this morning. "That could have been anybody."

From today’s New Era front page article, “’Fearless gangsta’ weeps,” (click here).

    What a disgusting headline and what a nasty article by the New Era’s Janet Kelley.  A young man who was eighteen when this crime was committed is sentenced to death.  Let’s celebrate.  Let us not.

    This is one of the most despicable acts in the history of Lancaster County, DA Stedman?  That is just sick and ridiculous.  There is the Amish school shooting.  There is Jesse Wise, David Ludwig and Alec Kreider.  There is Michael Roseboro who is accused of beating, kicking and drowning his wife of 19 years while three children of his children were in the house. 

    There is the vicious murder of Heather Marie Nunn in her home while her two daughters bathed upstairs (click here).  That case has never been solved.

    There are numerous cases of brutally murdered women that have not been solved - Christy Mirack and Lindy Sue Biechler among them.  There is the gruesome unsolved murder of Jonathan Luna.  The list goes on and on.

    This was an eighteen year old who bragged on his MySpace page that he was a “Fearless Gangsta.”  Shocking!  For that he deserves the death penalty?

    Life in prison, as received by Wise, Ludwig and Kreider, is justified.  The death penalty is not.  It is ludicrous and sick.


    Jesse Wise beat six members of his family to death.  Alec Kreider knifed three neighbors to death including his best friend.  David Ludwig shot and killed the parents of his girlfriend at point blank range.  Abraham Sanchez Jr. shot and killed a stranger in the course of a hold-up.  Only one of these four is facing death.  Click here for “Sanchez gets death.”

Please check back later today.





    If Brent Weaver was allergic to morphine, then why was he receiving it at a Delaware hospital two months prior to his death after having back surgery?  Did his parents have access to morphine at that time?  Did they have any in their house?

    This whole “case” and now the denial of bail six years later is outrageous.  Why haven’t the Lancaster Newspapers posted Judge Ashworth’s 42 page decision denying Joy O’Shea Woomer bail?  That’s what most news sources would do.  The New Era article, “Accused nurse must stay in jail” (click here) says this:

    In a 42-page opinion released today, Judge David Ashworth disagreed, saying Weaver's killing was deliberate.

    "The lethal dose of morphine, which was carried into the Weaver home, was intentionally and deliberately administered to the victim," Ashworth wrote.

    Does the Judge know more than we do?  Is he privy to more information than what was produced at the bail hearing and the preliminary hearing?

    How could he possibly know how or when the morphine was carried into the Weaver home six years ago - and by whom?  Is he clairvoyant?  How can he state the killing was deliberate?  

    The comments posted under this article on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum are almost unanimous in seeing no intent to kill, if indeed, the prosecution can prove that Joy O’Shea Woomer gave him the morphine in some manner.  And this is one of the posts under the article.  Interesting:

    What better scenario for a mercy killing? And I don't mean by the nurse. Woman comes in for one night, last minute substitution, family has no emotional connection to her (that might inspire guilt on their part OR might make them think twice before giving morphine because the regular nurse would have more credence and spot the difference in the child's behavior and perhaps realize it might be inflicted upon the child.)
    Substitute nurse has no real idea what to expect and has no preconceived notion about the difficulty she might encounter because she has never met the child. Family makes sure they make a huge pronouncement that the child is allergic to morphine and does it in a way that the nurse would share with the investigators if asked.
    I have no dog in this fight, I don't know the family. Just thinking about alternate scenarios in the face of the story that has been told. And now the nurse is refused bail. It's a lot harder to sit in jail and wait and wait for a future trial. Denying bail can be used as a tactic by prosecutors and detectives to wear down people by placing them in a hellhole like the Lancaster County Prison. And based upon how that innocent man was abused while there, it's very clear that a person can be 'broken' and induced into a vulnerability and altered behavior that can be misinterpreted by a jury.


Please check back later today…


~ Corruption On Every Level! ~



    As I mentioned on a previous post, are we supposed to believe this lady (Woomer) carries around Morphine in anticipation to administer it to a patient she never cared for in the past? And, with her medical experience are we supposed to believe she was dumb enough not to know there would be a autopsy performed and they wouldn't find traces of the drug?
    There has to be facts missing we don't know about.
    I would not dismiss her as a suspect, however I'm not ready to call her guilty.
    There are BIG holes in this story.
    I don't see any real proof yet and this confuses me. It sounds like there should be a deeper investigation.

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback  forum under today’s New Era article, “Accused nurse must stay in jail,” (click here).

   It took six years for prosecutors to bring a case against Woomer, who also was charged with drug delivery and drug delivery resulting in death.
    Craig Stedman, who became the county district attorney last year, said he was not sure what caused the delay. A prosecutor and county detective approached Stedman last year about the case, additional tests and interviews were conducted, and the homicide charges were filed.

From the February 11, 2009 New Era article, “Nurse held in boy’s killing seeks bail,” (click here).

    Six years to bring the charges.  Six years.  And who was that county detective who approached Stedman last year?  That would be Detective Joseph P. Geesey, who should be in jail.

    This is simply unbelievable.  There is corruption on every level in Lancaster County.  I am in too much shock to write more today.

    Please check back tomorrow and please be patient as my publishing problems are being worked on.  Thank you.


                    LIFE ALTERING



    I was speaking with someone very knowledgeable in law last Thursday afternoon who expressed amazement, disgust and outrage over what happens in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and the Lancaster Courts and Judges.  I took him to this archived page on this site.

    Which brings me to something important and then I will come back to the above story.  I could not publish yesterday or this morning.  I have been told by my webhost that my site is too large for their software program which I use to publish.  I have been told this for several years, so I stopped adding pages to this site two years ago.  I have tried to trim the size of this front page which often gets far too long.

    But I also have no “place” to archive items I take off and I have 23 very long word documents of articles that have been posted here and taken down.  I feel it is important to keep all of that “up” on the web.

    The bottom line is that I have to do something.  The layout of this site is certainly not my choice or desire.  But it is all that I am capable of/have the ability to do right now.  But something must change. 

    For some reason the size of my site has now become a major issue and my webhost is telling me I even have to remove some of the pages that are here and have been here for over two years.

    There will be more on this in the upcoming days and please be patient.

    Now to that archived page and this item from it from the Micah Stewart Preliminary Hearing.  Does this shock anyone?  Does this concern anyone?  Should Dr. Ross, the County’s forensic pathologist, be altering his autopsy report to match witness statements at the request of Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey?

Please check back tomorrow…


~ Crucial Testimony ~



    What appears below is extremely crucial testimony from Dr. Wayne Ross in the preliminary hearing for Micah Stewart.  The exchanges are accurate to the best of my ability.  I will request the transcript and publish that at a later date.  There seemed to be some “confusion” or “misuse” of the words “strangulation” and “suffocation” by Ross.  A very brief description of the hyoid bone is here.  Again, Ross testified that the hyoid bone was not present in Fry’s remains.


     The fourth witness to take the stand was Dr. Wayne Kenneth Ross.  He testified that he is a forensic pathologist and has worked here for over 10 years.  Hackman asked Ross if on January 24th of this year he performed an autopsy.  Ross said yes at Conestoga View.  Hackman showed him the same four photographs he showed Detective Eelman.  Ross testified the one photo depicted the remains in the morgue.  He said he did not go to the scene [where the body was found]. 

    Hackman asked who made the identification that this was Cortney Fry.  Ross said, “Dr. Bender.”  Hackman asked if the remains had been sent to a forensic anthropologist.  Ross said “yes – to Mercy Hurst.”  Hackman asked if they had determined a manner of death.  Ross said yes, their report indicated “multiple traumatic injuries.”  Ross said it was a “homicide.”

    Renteria crossed.  He asked again where the autopsy had been performed.  Ross said Conestoga View.  Renteria asked if Detective Geesey [Lancaster County Detective Joseph Geesey] was present during the autopsy.  Ross said no.  Renteria asked Ross if the cause of death was multiple traumatic injuries.  Ross said, “correct.”  Renteria ended.

     Hackman returned.  He asked Ross if there were other causes of death.  Ross said, “suffocation and strangulation” were the cause of death.  He said he had received a request from Detective Geesey to review the witness statements.  He said he reviewed the witness statements.  Ross stated that there was clear evidence of suffocation.

    Renteria re-crossed.  He asked Ross if that had been in his initial report.  Ross said, “No.”  He said he finally amended his report to bring it “in line after the police asked me to look at it in a new light after reviewing the witness statements.”  Renteria asked him what elements might make up “multiple traumatic injuries.”  Ross said, “suffocation and strangulation.”  He said his report indicates “multiple elements of suffocation.”  Renteria asked if this was his amended report.  Ross said,” yes” and that it was consistent with the witness statements. 

    Renteria asked him what about the remains indicated suffocation.  Ross talked about the hyoid bone which he described as a v-shaped bone under the jaw.  He said the bone is an excellent indicator of strangulation.  Renteria asked him if the bone was present in Fry’s remains.  Ross said, “No, the hyoid bone was not present.”



    Angie and Randy Funk’s wedding anniversary is July 1, not July 6, as I have stated several times on this site.  I apologize.  I try very hard to get my facts correct and there is no excuse.  Chalk it up to another of life’s lessons learned.

    There is a lot going down and it is also a beautiful day.  Please check back tomorrow…




    I made a big mistake on this site and I will correct that later today.  I should have known better.

    Over on Lancaster Online they have this as “Breaking News:”

    Daylight-saving time begins Sunday.

    What a hoot!  Breaking News?

Please check back late this afternoon…


~ The Best is Over ~



13.  That at approximately 0126hrs. on July 23, 2008, Michael Roseboro provided a statement to Sgt. Martin and Detective Keith Neff of the East Cocalico Township Police Department.  Roseboro advised that on July 22, 2008 he swam in the pool with his children from approximately 5:00pm until 8:45-9:00pm.  Roseboro further stated that the victim was present in the pool area but was not in the pool.  Roseboro stated that the children went inside the residence at approximately 9:15pm.  He stated that he and the victim remained outside in the deck area of the pool.  Roseboro stated that he went inside the residence at approximately 10:00pm.  He stated that the victim indicated she was going to remain outside by the pool.  Roseboro stated that he went inside the residence and fell asleep in his bedroom.  He stated that he woke up at 10:58pm and looked outside noting that the torches in the pool area were still lit.  Roseboro stated that he went outside to extinguish the lights when he noticed the victim lying at the bottom of the deep end of the pool.  Roseboro stated that he jumped into the pool and pulled the victim out of the water, called 911 and began CPR until the ambulance arrived.  During the interview, Roseboro stated that he had a good relationship with his wife and despite being asked to account for his activities on the day of the murder, he made no mention of his affair with Angie Funk or that he had sexual intercourse with Funk hours before the murder as described below.


16.  That following the walk through of the residence, Sgt. Martin and Det. Neff described to Roseboro in significant detail the injury located behind the victim’s left ear.  Roseboro stated he had not observed the injury and did not ask any questions about it.


39  …Based on this entire affidavit, to include the fact that he lied about his relationship with his wife as well and everything to do with Angie Funk, this affiant believes that Michael Roseboro had a motive to murder his wife, had the opportunity to do so, and did beat, strangle and drown Jan Roseboro, thus causing her death and this warrant should be issued based on probable cause.


29.  Angela Funk provided another email dated July 22, 2008 7:49 am in which Michael Roseboro stated among other things:  “I am so deeply, madly and completely in love with you baby.  I have never experienced feelings like this in all of my 41 years…and I know the best is yet to come.”


    The best is not yet to come.  Michael Roseboro turns 42-years-old today incarcerated in the Lancaster County Prison charged with the brutal murder of his wife, Jan.

    Angie Funk is pregnant with his baby boy and due within the month.

    Did Mike know she was pregnant?  Was that the ultimate motive?  Did Mike really fall hard this time?

    He is a man who reportedly had numerous affairs during the course of his 19 year marriage.  But he never left, those affairs ended and he and Jan put on a good show for the public.

    So it was a huge shock to Lancaster County when Jan Roseboro was found murdered and the sordid details of his latest affair began to surface.  It is at that exact time that the Lancaster Newspapers stopped all coverage of this murder.  Someone very high up at LNP put the brakes down hard on any and all coverage.

    People were desperate for information.  They wanted to know about these people and how this could have occurred.  This type of crime strikes deeply at the human soul and we take a closer look at those close to us.

    And there were those with information they wanted to share who had no where to turn – at the beginning.  They would turn to this site and DenverPaOnline.

    And a wealth of information would emerge that continues to shock.  Angela Funk felt no remorse and reportedly was and may well still be in love with Mike.  She claims to not believe he did it and believes they will be together after he is exonerated. 

    She and Mike share many mutual qualities.  They both have a long history of affairs.  They both need to be the center of attention and have things their way.  They have little regard for those they supposedly love, including their own children. 

    Mike is a killer.  Angie is his accomplice.  She certainly knew many, many things before his arrest eleven days after the murder.  She certainly knows far more about that night than she has ever told.  Everything she states and will testify to at his trial are questionable.

    There is a fear among many that Mike will get off:  That the Cocalico police bungled the evidence.  There is even a woman posting on the Lancaster Newspaper Talkback forum that she was the intended victim and they got the wrong “blonde.”  No they didn’t, sweetie.

    Mike Roseboro will spend the rest of his life in prison.  What will happen to Angela Funk after the birth of his baby and the trial?  I think we may be in for some legal and other surprises. 

    The best is not yet to come, Mike.  Happy Birthday:  You will be celebrating every birthday for the rest of your life behind bars.  No one deserves it more.


Michael Roseboro, the accused killer of his wife and mother of his four children, turns 42 today in the Lancaster County Prison. 

How’s it going, Mikey?

Please check back later today…

I just had a very long and interesting phone call about an ongoing case.  Please check back tomorrow for Roseboro’s birthday and an update on Jesse in Columbia and Joy O’Shea Woomer.  Thank you.




    Was it really necessary to print "Shoot him again" in large bold print across the top of this morning's Intell?
    What happened to the Dieners was hard enough without reading this splashed so loudly on the morning newspaper.

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under yesterday’s front page Intell article, “‘Shoot him again.’”

    Have they given this kind of coverage to accused killer Michael Roseboro and his pregnant mistress, Angela Funk?  Mike will turn 42 tomorrow in the Lancaster County Prison.  Angela will give birth to his baby son within a month.  His trial is scheduled to begin July 6 which is the wedding anniversary of Angela and her husband, Randy.  A woman was brutally killed and four children have been left without a mother or father.  Do you think the Lancaster Newspapers will cover any of this?

Please check back later today…



Amanda Balionis


    The answers to today’s two burning questions are- Question 1:  Are the Amish a cult?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Do bears sh.. opps!  I mean, duh, yes, of course they are!  If I have to explain why to anyone take yourself right back to kindergarten, please.

    And don’t you love the Intell’s headline for this Federal lawsuit, “Ex-Amishman:  Church ruined me,” (click here)?  What a hoot!  And what a mess of a “case.”  I don’t think Daniel Stoltzfus stands a chance.  Eleven kids, Daniel?  Jesus!


    Question 2:  Is Amanda Balionis a valid member of the press?  No.  I received two emails sending me a link to her resume and TV demo (click here).  Thank you folks but I did post that link several weeks ago on this site.  And one of the emailers said this:

    Amanda's resume is on the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America.  She never seems to last more than a few months anywhere!

    In all fairness to the lovely Amanda (see folks, I can be -gasp!- fair), all she ever seems to have had were “internships.”  Some pay, others don’t.  They are usually set for a short period of time and are meant to teach experience (and be put on your resume)!

    Now, I discovered Amanda’s presence at the Sunday News the same day Marv wrote his editorial whining that he doesn’t know many minorities (and certainly hasn't hired any).  So, with all those unemployed reporters and journalism majors coming out of local and Philly colleges, Marv chose a woman who wants to be a TV sportscaster, not a print journalist, to be a “staff writer.”  A woman with no experience and who demonstrates no talent whatsoever!

    Does slapping a Sunday News press pass on her chest make her a “valid member of the press?”  No.  Which of course brings me to Jesse of ColumbiaPaOnline and Mayor’s Lutz’s quest to determine if Jesse is a “valid member of the press.”  There will be an update on that situation tomorrow.


    Finally today, have you read the New Era’s “Accomplice:  Killer ignored pleas,” (click here)?   Do you believe anyone is telling the truth?  What a horrific crime and a God awful mess.

Please check back tomorrow and don’t forget Michael Roseboro’s birthday Friday on this site.



Please check back later today…




    It seems to be, to many, a foregone conclusion that it was indeed a racist remark that spurred this incident. Other than the testimony of the guilty party, how do we know what the man actually said to him? From Hines' pre-fight behavior described in the article, it doesn't seem to be a stretch that he might have overreacted to an innocuous "hey, buddy, could you please..." remark about his conduct. Just sayin'...

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the article, “Racial slur sparked Fulton fight,” (click here).

    Exactly!  Mr. Hines doesn’t seem to be the most trustworthy person.

    The irony is that when I first read of this incident, I published he was lucky he was white.  I said if he had been black or Hispanic, he’d be in jail charged with aggravated assault.  I truly believe that.

    And now Mr. Hines is saying he behaved very badly and punched a man in the face because the man called his black girlfriend his “pet monkey.”

    I’m not buying it.  And even if it’s true, that is no excuse to punch the man.  That’s right – it is not any kind of excuse.  What if the man said his girlfriend was ugly?  Or what if the man called him ugly?  Would that be an excuse to punch him in his face?  No.

    Mr. Hines is a very lucky white man with a drinking, anger management and scofflaw problem.  I think we’ll be reading about Mr. Hines again some day.




    This email in yesterday after my morning post requesting my readers send me an email telling me who they are and how much they earn:

    Hi Becky,

    My name is Marv Adams and whatever I am paid is TOO MUCH!!!  (Same for my little toady Gil over here).

To which I replied:

    Marv!  What's shaking?  You are right.  You are paid WAY TOO MUCH!!!  And your buddy Gil is paid WAY, WAY TOO MUCH!!!

    LOL.  Thanks for writing, Marv!

To which the emailer responded:

    Oh yeah and what ever happened to their little eye-candy Amanda Bailonis (sp?)?


     keep up the great work

    What a hoot!  It’s spelled Balionis, Marv – it has the word “lion” in it – that’s how I remember the correct spelling !  And Marv and Gil haven’t even given their little eye-candy a phone (click here and check the Sunday News directory)!

    Give her a phone, Marv!  How can she be a reporter without one?  I know cost-cutting is going on big time, but give her a phone!  There are a lot of men who would like to call her !


    Did you see yesterday’s New Era article, “Racial slur sparked Fulton fight” (click here)?  What a bunch of total malarkey! 


    And to the New Holland Police:  You cannot do an involuntary urinary catheterization on any woman who is allegedly drunk.  Trust me.  Your careers are over.  Deal with it.

Please check back later today…

This darn snow has me working – and not in front of my computer - sob! 

Please check back tomorrow…

Didn’t I change the date on this site to March yesterday?  Hey, I am not amused.  Since you have time on your hands today, would everyone reading this site please send me an email telling me your name and how much you earn?  I’m doing an upcoming feature on “What (Local) People Are Stupid.”  Thank you!

Please check back later today…


~ & Hell No! ~



    Notice to avgwhiteguy, who I believe is a New Holland Police Officer, and among many many things posted this on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum regarding the arrest and torture of Faith Mugwe (see “BAD COP NEWS” and more below on this site):

    The local cops discussed in the other thread DID NOTHING WRONG. Deal with it.

    Oh, yes you did!  You are a very sick person and I will tell you tomorrow everything you did wrong.  You should not be a police officer.  You should be in jail.  Deal with it.


    Well, they are calling for eight inches of snow (where did that come from?), so this has to be short today as a little grocery shopping is in order .

    So I will move straight to this absurdity.  Did you see it?  On Page B7 of today’s Sunday News?  This is the “article”:

How much money do you make?

    The Sunday News needs your help.

    For an upcoming feature, “What (Local) People Earn,” we want to break from being a lens through which events become news.

    For one Sunday we want to become a mirror, and show our community itself.

    No matter your income, if you’re willing to share that number and your thoughts, we want to talk to you.

    Interested?  Contact Michael Schwartz at 291-8621 or mschwartz@lnpnews.com.

    Hell, no!  It’s none of your damn business.  You tell me first what Marv, Gil, Helen and you make! 

    And what is this nonsense about lenses and mirrors?  Are you nuts?  You should be showing the “community itself” every Sunday.  That’s your job. 

    Are you slow or something?  Well, you certainly fit in well at that pathetic paper.

Please check back tomorrow.  I know avgwhiteguy will!



Please check back later today…




    I was going to do something serious and newsy today including the absurd coverage of William Ayers' visit to Millersville by the Lancaster Newspapers - and then this popped into my email – and when you see something this great, you gotta go with the flow.  In preparation for the massive coverage of Michael Roseboro’s 42nd birthday coming this Friday on this site, a wonderful poster on DenverPaOnline.com has agreed to do a little photoshopping for me.  This is simply brilliant. 

     I also changed my baby due date for Angie Funk, Roseboro’s pregnant mistress, to March 17.  It was very nice of everyone to let me switch (I was very pushy about it – sorry).  I think Jesse, the owner of DenverPaOnline, may have the winning date of March 14.  You do the math.

Please check back tomorrow…



~ No April Fools! ~




     Angie Funk, mistress of Michael Roseboro, reportedly has a due date of April 1.  Honest.  When you think it can’t get any weirder and more over the top, it just does.  I also think her doctor has a wicked sense of humor.

    Mike will celebrate his 42nd birthday on March 6th in the Lancaster County Prison, charged with killing his wife, Jan.  Within a month of his birthday, he will become the father of a baby boy with Angie.

    Angie and her husband, Randy, are still together but word is that the stress is intensifying.  Will Randy move out before the birth of Mike’s baby?  What last name will the baby have?

    Over on DenverPaOnline.com the unhappy twosome has become known as Rangie.  And I just entered the baby birthday pool with Monday, March 30. 

    I will sit down tonight with my calendar and recalculate just to make sure.  What do you mean I can’t change it?  Hey!

    I have been having terrible technical problems so please be patient.  Tomorrow I will have a news round-up (can you say "Ayers" as in errors) and this site will celebrate Mike’s birthday next week in huge style.  Things are heating up folks – and it’s not just the weather.

    Have a great Friday.  Rangie!  I love it.




    While I'm actually not agreeing with your view, I do think that (un/intentionally) these views you counter are furthered by the fact that LNP doesn't use enough photos of convicted criminals across the county, and the one's that are normally found are usually those of minorities. Is LNP helping "spin" this view?

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the article, “Alleged gunman in Diener killing going to trial.”

    Not only those convicted but those charged with a crime.  And I believe it is absolutely intentional and these racist papers are directly responsible for the blatant racism/corruption in the judicial system and everywhere else in Lancaster County that has gone on for years and years.

    Why does the D.A. want death for this man and not for Michael Roseboro?  And how could the state grant millions and millions of dollars to the Lancaster Newspapers for their convention center/hotel project, when they are breaking federal law?

Please check back tomorrow…


~ And Racist! ~



    ...This young girl was FORCED by police and medical staff to undergo a catheter with which they then illegally obtained a urine sample.
    The spectacle of a uniformed officer forcing this young girl's legs apart while someone else jams something up her urethra is something our founding father's could never imagine our law enforcement doing. They violated her with their eyes and objects.
    Sick sick sick.... she will forever remember the New Holland Boro's treatment of her.
    I saw the bruises on her legs as well as the marks on her breast where she was tasered. As the father of five, I was disgusted that a noise call could result in a young girl's violation of her body and nobody with a heart and a grasp of the facts could leave saying that the police didn’t violated this girl's civil rights.
    I suggested and advised her that she should put this incident behind her and get a deal as the cops were covering their many sins with piled on charges and exaggerations of what happened.
    I am disgusted that people with perversity bent for pain and torture could get the backing of otherwise law abiding citizens. I had dinner with the girl, her father, her boss and friends. I saw the medical records, the police charges etc...I know more about this than anyone that's posting on this board and yet they will attack and justify police actions.
    Boil it down to this - you bad-cop-defenders: Let's say the police were justified in arresting her. (I don't believe they were but let me concede that point) How could a forced urine sample which humiliated her in front of a half dozen men (several police officers - who HELPED with the forced urine sample) be possibly justified? She was at her home for crying out loud. You can't FORCE a drunk to do that - but they stripped this young girl naked and spread her legs in front of many and got this sample!
    You are disgusting if you defend this action.

Posted by Ron Harper, Jr. on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the article, “Officer uses Taser on unruly man.”  He is writing about the arrest and brutalization of Faith Mugwe.  See “BAD NEWS COPS” below.

    Please check back later today…

LIP News will not publish today.  Please check back tomorrow.



New Holland Police Officer Wendell Metzler

    I am rerunning the below article and press release regarding Faith Mugwe that is archived here.   This is one of the most shocking and horrific items I have ever read/and or written about.. 

    I bring it up because the New Holland Police were very recently involved in another taser incident (click here  for “Officer uses Taser on unruly man”).  Police Officer Wendell Metzler, who is pictured above, was involved in both incidents.

    And I wrote the below before learning that Faith Mugwe wasn't "treated" but was subjected to an involuntary urinary catheterization in the Ephrata Community Hospital while the other officer involved, Christopher Clingan, stood in the room and watched.  Why is either of these two men still working?

    LIP News will not publish tomorrow.  Please check back on Thursday.




    This is the New Holland Police’s press release about the arrest of Faith Mugwe.  Something went terribly wrong here.  Is this being investigated?  Was Officer Clingan injured?  Did he miss work?  How can she be charged with public drunkenness?    This woman was in her home when police responded to a loud music call. 

    Who made the complaint?  How did things go so terribly wrong?  She’s lucky she’s not dead.  Could this happen to you?  Where is the investigation?  Has Mugwe been interviewed?  Did everything happen the way the policeman said it did?  Last week a man was shooting a shotgun across a street, hit a car, shattered a window and a five-month old baby was injured by the glass.  The man was charged with simple assault and will receive a summons in the mail.  I wrote, "LUCKY HE'S WHITE! - And No One is Dead" below on this site.  Faith Mugwe wasn't so lucky.  According to this site, blacks make up 1.0% of New Holland's population!  Please check back later today.


    Faith Mugwe was arrested about 2:45 a.m. Saturday at her home in the 300 block of Brimmer Avenue and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, New Holland police said.

    Mugwe, 22, became unruly when officers responded to her home for a complaint of loud music, police said.
    Told she would not be charged if she turned down the music, police said, she began to yell profanities, refused to give her identification and tried to walk away when officers attempted to arrest her for disorderly conduct.
    After putting up a struggle and forcing officers to tackle and handcuff her, police said, she tried to escape through the back window of the cruiser.
    Officer Wendell Metzler sprayed her with pepper spray to get her back in the car, but she tried to kick out the back window numerous times, police said.
    Mugwe was taken to the police station and was to be treated by New Holland Ambulance for the pepper spraying when she lost consciousness, police said.
    During transport to the hospital, police said, she became combative and kicked Officer Christopher Clingan in the chest and shoulder numerous times.
    Clingan shot Mugwe with his Taser to subdue her and keep her from injuring him or the ambulance crew, police said.
    Mugwe was treated at Ephrata Community Hospital Saturday and was to be arraigned on multiple charges at her release.



Please check back later today…


~ “Currently Confidential!” ~



   John Fry, President of Franklin and Marshall College, is consummate at framing matters in a self serving manner. Small wonder he is the product of business schools rather than academia as were the college's prior leaders.
    The matter is deemed newsworthy because it raises the issue of why a joint effort by F & M, General Hospital and the Norfolk Southern railway was set forth as an F & M application as though F & M indeed was in the railroad business. Also many representations seem questionable.

The opening two paragraphs of Newslanc.com’s story, “Is F&M’s application for a rail freight assistance grant a travesty?” (click here).     

    Good article, Newslanc!

    Newspapers are in trouble everywhere and it really is scary.  I’m taking the afternoon off to research some items. 

    LIP News will publish tomorrow and then take an (early) Spring Break on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I’m not going anywhere.  I just have some pressing items to take care of and will be back on Saturday.

Please check back tomorrow…



Even people who are financially well-off are subject to the political whims and ambitions of people elected or appointed to positions of power.
    Let them eat cake.

Posted by Artie See of LookingatLancaster.com on the Talkback forum under Gil Smart’s front page story, “Change roils Country Day,” (click here).

    That is one of the best posts I have ever read!

    Click here for Artie’s “What City Are We In Today?”

Please check back later today…


~ And On Our Dime! ~



~ ~ I am no better of a person after reading this. Let the parents and the teachers deal with it. Hey, maybe they need a union.

~ ~  Look at his picture. Would you buy a used car from him?

~ ~ Is this news worthy? Maybe if your kid goes to that school it might be, to me it sounds like something from the gossip page. Who cares?

~ ~ This is not particularly interesting nor is it newsworthy for any outside of the relatively small circle of people whom it affects, and they obviously already know about it. Seems like the airing of dirty laundry for no apparent reason.

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under associate editor Gil Smart’s front page story, “Change roils Country Day,” (click here).

    I don’t know why anybody buys the Sunday News.  Honestly.  One dollar and seventy-five cents for no news?  For writing this bad?  I don’t care if there are “UP TO $72 WORTH OF COUPONS INSIDE.”  You’ll be lucky if you use one of them in a month.  $91 dollars a year for this crap?

    Well, I guess the families who send their children to Country Day can afford the $91.  From the article:

    Some of the wealthiest families in Lancaster County send their children to the school on Hamilton Road in Lancaster Township, where tuition at the Upper School costs $18,825 per year, though up to a quarter of the students are on some form of scholarship.

    And then Smart quotes his favorite go to person - did you knock on Fry’s door to get this quote, Smart? – F&M President John Fry.

    Fry is the incoming board president and he certainly knows a thing or two about absurdly over-priced, elitist and snobby private schools not to mention violating Ron Harper’s constitutional rights.

    Smart and Fry are a joke and a disgrace.  Enough on this non-story and on to editor Marv Adams’ ridiculous column, “Drivers claim yellow, see red,” (click here).

    What is the point of this column other than the waste of public taxpayer money (which Marv fails to mention)?

    Marv says this about Officer Josiah King:

    King is exceedingly polite. He played fullback at Solanco High and graduated from a Bible college in Texas. His father is a local pastor.

    Isn’t that special, Marv?  Isn’t your wife a local pastor, Marv?  Is she still writing/being paid by the Sunday News?  And apparently in Marv’s world religion equals polite - not to mention having been a high school fullback to boot.  You don’t suppose Marv’s driving in his cruiser with him added to his politeness level, do you?

    And here’s another example of a “Glad He’s White Moment”:

    A Lititz man pulls an overtly aggressive lane change — no signal — in the first block of South Duke Street that would make Tony Stewart proud.
    King steps on it to catch him. The driver, a salesman, worries about points. He says he wasn't speeding — "I thought I was driving 25" — and asks for a break.
    King writes a ticket for the lane change, but not for driving at an unsafe speed. The man could also have been cited for not wearing a seat belt. The driver buckles up before pulling away.

    So this polite, religious officer on overtime wasn’t doing his job, Marv?  Great column!  Thanks for that and all.

    What an unbelievable waste of $91 and taxpayer money!


    I have received a number of emails on the Jesse Sweigart situation in Columbia and I will have much more on that tomorrow.  Is he a “valid member of the press?”  If Gil and Marv are the comparison, Sweigart is leaps and bounds ahead of them.

Please check back tomorrow…




    I am busy today sending my son recipes.  Hmmm…I wonder what is going on?  Fried pork chops, scalloped potatoes au gratin and asparagus.  Yum!

    The fried pork chops are not the standard fried in a little oil in a fry pan.  They are floured and then fried in a fair bit of oil in a fry pan until they are brown and crispy and out of this world. 

    Oh, my.  I’m off to the grocery store!  Eat your hearts out Marv and Gil.  I’ll be back tomorrow!


~ Who Knew? ~



    "Cover just the Amish-made mantles and the miracle heaters are free," the infomercial states.

    The miracle heaters in the Amish fireplace are a 1500-watt unit.

    "It heated like a ceramic heater," said Myers.

    That's pretty much what it is.

    News 8 checked online and found 1500-watt heaters at several stores ranging in price from $15 to $50, which is much cheaper than the Amish electric fireplace.

“Some Not Satisfied With Amish Electric Fireplace,” WGAL-TV (click here).

    What a hoot!  You always wonder about those ads and how they are getting over on you.  This one is pretty easy and really, really cheesy!  From the same article:

    The business has a BBB rating of "F" because of the number of complaints filed.

    I don’t think you can get any worse than an “F”!  Good job, WGAL!


    On a serious note, I contacted The Mix at Arbor Place by phone this afternoon.  They are neighbors and helping to establish a help fund for the Torres family who lost a child in a horrific fire this week.  They said the account should be established on Monday in the Belco Community Credit Union and I will have more details and an address where people can send donations on Monday.

    Please check back tomorrow for a news round-up and what I think about the Ayers at Millersville “controversy.”




    But for the life of me I do not understand how a mother can leave a burning building without her child!"

    Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the article, “Family, neighbors mourn fire death of toddler,” (click here).

    What a crass, absolutely disgusting thing to type.

    There will be more on the fund set up for this family later today.





    "This fire was tragic and preventable," Chief Tim Gregg, speaking at an afternoon news conference, said. "The storage and use of flammable liquids is not allowed in city residences."
    Gregg told the New Era earlier today the fire at 440 S. Christian St. started when gasoline vapors were ignited by a pilot light in a basement water heater. Firefighters found gasoline cans within 10 feet of the gas water heater, Gregg said.
    At the afternoon news conference, held at the city police station on Chestnut Street, Gregg said firefighters would canvass the southeast Lancaster neighborhood to offer fire-prevention tips such as how, and where, to store flammable liquids.

“Fire chief:  Blaze could have been prevented,” today’s New Era (click here). 

    What a tragic story.  I feel so badly for this family and I hope a fund is started for them.

    I never knew that about hot water heaters until I saw an actual demonstration on TV several years ago. 

   I think it’s great that the firefighters are going to teach people about flammable liquid storage.  Hopefully this will prevent another tragedy.  Many people simply don’t realize how dangerous flammable liquids and hot water heaters/furnaces can be.



Please check back later today…


~ And Small Town Clowns! ~



Part of the Columbia Borough Public Information Request completed by Jesse Sweigart of ColumbiaPaOnline and DenverPaOnline.


    The brilliant Mayor of Columbia, Leo Lutz, told Jesse Sweigart yesterday that he has to complete the above form once a week while the Borough determines if he is a “valid member of the press.”  Lutz promised to let Jesse know the determination within two to three days.

    Lutz also told Jesse he has contacted the County D.A.’s Office for assistance in this determination.  Jesse told me that when he called the D.A.’s Office about this he was told that it is not a function of their office –  the D.A.’s job is to prosecute people! 

    Can you imagine those brilliant minds in Columbia working overtime to determine whether Jesse is “valid press”?  I can’t wait for their answer.  I bet Jesse can’t either.

    Stay tuned…



~ Lucky He’s White! ~



   Hines was arrested on outstanding warrants and charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

    ….Theater employees and other patrons repeatedly asked Hines to stop being unruly, but Hines continued to act out, according to theater officials. Even a warning from the theater's house manager couldn't deter Hines from misbehaving.

    During the play's first intermission, about 9 p.m., Hines became involved in the fistfight with another male patron, according to officials.

    Witnesses said the incident caused quite a disturbance, with people yelling and scattering from the fight.

    Hines, of the 700 block of North Duke Street, was held at the      Lancaster city police station until about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, according to officials.

Front page story in today’s Intell, “’Unexpected quest’ arrested,” (click here).

     Well, it’s easy to tell this man is white:  There’s no picture and he was just “misbehaving!”  If he were black or Hispanic, he’d be in Lancaster County Prison charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering others and a multitude of other charges.    

    It certainly pays to be white in Lancaster.


    This email in yesterday regarding my Valentine’s Day post:


    I know from reading your blog that you don’t like Geesey but what is this "killer" about?  Did this cop kill someone?

    Yes.  He hired three men to kill Robert Leslie Henderson, Jr.

Please check back later today…




    I am exhausted!  Three delicious dinners!  Three decadent chocolate desserts!  Three bottles of wine!  I am still recovering.

    And I picked today to track down Helen Colwell Adams and Amanda Balionis.  You don’t suppose they’re fighting over Marv, do you?

    Horrors!  Please check back tomorrow… Helen…?  Amanda…?



~ Public Servants! ~




    I enjoy a good fool from time to time – but apparently Columbia Borough  is full of them and my enjoyment level is quickly diminishing. 

    Today Jesse Sweigart, the publisher of ColumbiaPaOnline and DenverPaOnline, was given a copy of the Police Log and charged $.50.  Twenty-five cents was for making him a copy of the log and the other twenty-five cents was for a copy of his receipt for the first tweny-five cents!

    That’s right.  They said they had to give the original receipt to Daniel Bell in the Police Department so they charged Jesse twenty-five cents for his copy!.

    Do you suppose they put the Lancaster Newspapers through this?  Do you suppose they are charging the Lancaster Newspapers for the Police Logs?

    Unfortunately it’s Friday afternoon and all these hard working public servants in Columbia are heading home for the long holiday weekend. 

    But be forewarned guys and gals, I will be calling all of you next week to document this obstruction of the law and Jesse’s and everyone else’s right to this public information.

    Some fools smarten up a little – some go down in infamy.


    No picture?  LNP always has a picture of the city thugs, but none of this low life?

    The first post on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under today’s New Era’s front page story, “Fireman jailed for 3 barn blazes,” (click here).

    Yes, LNP always has a picture hours after they are charged with any crime.  They love to put them on the front page, especially when they are minorities.

    So where’s the picture of this self-confessed arsonist, Ernie?  Where is it?  He terrified a lot of people.  He’s lucky no one was killed.

    I am now going to keep daily track of the crimes charged and whose  pictures are run in theses papers.  I think we might learn something very interesting.  Check back in a month.

And please check back tomorrow for a special (gasp!)Valentine’s Day edition of LIPNews.  Wow!


Photo courtesy of 5thEstate.com.  Click here. 


~ Walker & Fry! ~



    In March 2005, at $350 per hour, Bulls traveled to Lancaster. According to documented times on the expense records submitted, he was in Lancaster from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. That 4.5 hours cost the Authority $1,575. He also billed 5.5 hours for travel, an additional $1,925. There is no evidence of why he came to Lancaster. But this time Bulls was representing his own firm, the Bulls Advisory Group.

“$15,000 assignment evolves into $1.1 million plum,” James Sneddon, Newslanc.com (click here).

    This is all unbelievable.  Robert Field, publisher of Newslanc, you need to run this series front and center on your site in a coherent pattern. 

    You need to demand criminal investigations.  No one has ever been held accountable for blatantly stealing huge amounts of public money.  No one. 

    We know why the Lancaster Newspapers have never questioned one thing.  They are a 50% partner in this $200 million dollar publicly funded disaster.

    This is what the Lancaster Newspapers said in a Sunday News article on September 3, 2005,Consultant keeps eyes on prize in downtown project,” (click here):

        Bulls Advisory Group also appears to be a prescribed remedy to what ails the project. The firm specializes in public-private real estate development and lists among its clients the University of Pennsylvania, instigator of major economic and community development initiatives in northwest Philadelphia.

    John Fry, president of Franklin & Marshall College and a member of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority Board, previously served in the administration of University of Pennsylvania and led the University of Pennsylvania’s interest in that project.

    Wouldn’t you know it?  There’s good old John Fry of F & M in the thick of this disaster and Maurice Walker certainly found the prize!

    What an absolute disgrace.  This is criminal.




    Something is rotten in Denmark. This entire charge/case reeks of corruption. What amount of investigation has been done into the parents of the child? Why would a nurse attending the patient one time and on a fillin basis even think of doing such a horrible thing to this child? As for the local detective questioning the DA about the situation, you need to know who that detective is and if he can even be trusted. Too many unanswered questions in this one. I just hope she has a very good attorney representing her. In Lanc. Courts she will need one.
Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the New Era article, “Nurse held in boy’s killing seeks bail,” (click here).

    One of those detectives is Joseph P. Geesey.  No, he can’t be trusted – he should be in jail.

Please check back later today…


~ Where Do We Get It? ~



    In Germantown yesterday, the news of the demise of the weeklies came as a shock to residents.

    "Are you kidding me?" said Brian Matthews, 51, when told by a reporter that the issue of the Courier he was holding would be the last.

    "I've been living in Germantown all my life and we've always had the Courier," said Matthews, who stood outside his mother's house, on Price Street near Baynton. "This is terrible. It's a total loss."

Today’s Philadelphia Daily News, “2 local weekly papers fold,” (click here).

    I am in shock.  For over twenty years that free local paper was on my door step once a week.  People still turned to it for home contractors and apartments.  I found my son’s lifeguard course and his job as a lifeguard with the City of Philadelphia for four summers through the Courier.  They also printed the entire local police log – one of the items I almost always read.  There will be a huge void without it.


    Which brings me to Jesse from ColumbiaPaOnline.com and DenverPaOnline.com and his request for the Columbia Police Logs.  He has been posting the Denver Police Log for several weeks (click here and look to the right of the forum) and this was posted under a thread about the “One Man Crime Spree” in the log:

    Holy Crap! Anthony Bisazza is my neighbor...guess I was lucky he didn’t want into our house...and I never lock anything up...never felt like there was a threat around here..no more.

    Holy crap, indeed!  This is why it is so important that this information get out to the public.  The Lancaster Newspapers don’t print the entire police log from every community in Lancaster County.  They pick and chose and go with the “serious crimes.”

    And as local newspapers disappear, it is sites like Jesse’s where this information is available.

    Today, Jesse had to fill out a “Public Information Request” for Columbia Bureau.  He was told he will hear within five days whether they will send him the logs.

    I spoke to Robert Pfannebecker, the Columbia Borough solicitor, today by phone.  At the end of our conversation he said the police blotter is public information.  Then why is Columbia playing all these games, Mr. Pfannebecker?  I’d tell them to stop.

Please check back tomorrow…




    This email in last evening:

Hey Becky!
    ...Still readin' your website and lovin' every minute of it!
    What part of PA's new Right To Know Law don't these public officials in Lancaster County get? Manor Township cops could use a lesson or two, too. The "You need a subpoena to obtain a police report" line is getting old really fast.
    Also, I've figured out why Lancaster area public officials and law enforcement are so corrupt: It's journalism 101: It's the news media's job to ferret out government waste (and wasters) and corrupt public officials, but when the media itself is corrupt, and there's no news competition in a market, there's no one minding the store.
    Thank God for you and Ron!
    Keep up the great work!
    Thank you for writing!  Yes, you figured it out correctly.  I’ve been saying that about the Lancaster Newspapers for years. 

    Please add Jesse to your list!  These small town clowns don’t know who they are dealing with.

    Please check back later today…




      Norm Meiskey, the Borough Manager of Columbia, told Jesse Sweigart of ColumbiaPaOnline and DenverPaOnline in a phone call at 3:50 pm today that is the Borough’s policy to only release the Columbia Police Log to “newspapers.”

    Wrong, wrong, and more wrong, Mr. Meiskey.  I would read the law very carefully and then I would release that log to Jesse immediately the way you release it to “newspapers.”  You don’t have a leg to stand on and you’re going to be in a heap of trouble. 

    The police log is public information.  You don’t have to be a “newspaper” to view the log.  Any citizen can walk in and request to see it and you have to provide it, Mr. Meiskey.  Read the law.

There will be much more on this tomorrow…

I can’t wait for April!  Which is more exciting:  the opening of the convention center or Angie Funk having Michael Roseboro’s baby?  Hmmm…

Please check back later today…




    This email in regarding my Saturday post, “DO WE LOOK ALIKE?” below on this site:

Hello there Becky,

     I saw the photos you posted on your site just now. I don't know which one is you but you asked if we thought the two girls on the bottom of the Lucky's photo look alike.

     Honestly, I don't think they do. The girl on the right side of the photo has a flat, 'germanic' looking face that is familiar to me because of how the Amish look. The girl on the left has very pronounced features all the way around. A bit more "WASP" as when compared with the germanic look. Maybe Welsh or English? I'm no expert. Just responding to your request.

     I'm sure you remember that I thought you were spot-on with the three guys looking like the artist's sketches.

     Anyway, that is my impression of the two girls. I couldn't figure out the sequence of the other photos that you published.

    I am on the bottom left of the Luckee’s photo.  My best friend for many years is on the bottom right.  In the two rows immediately above that picture, in the top row I am on the right and in the second row, I am on the left.

    I agree:  I don’t think we look anything alike in the Luckee’s photo when we were in our early twenties.

    But I showed her photo, the one on the top row on the left, to numerous co-workers several years ago.  They had no idea why I was asking, but I simply asked if we looked alike.  It was an “Oh, my gosh!  Yes!” from everyone.  Most asked if we were sisters.  One man even pointed out that we have the exact same “bump” in our noses.

    I know that when I look in the mirror I see her face.  And the last time I saw her in person, I saw my father’s face in her face.  It was one of those moments that takes you aback and makes you say “Jesus!”

    I know the odds are slim to none.  Coincidences happen.  People look alike who are not related.

    But then it comes down to this question:  Why?  Why wouldn’t my parents and family say take a DNA test?  That will prove it once and for all.  It doesn’t cost much, there are labs all over the internet and all it requires is a swab of the cheek.  Do it and you will see what silly nonsense this all has been.

    Why aren’t they saying “Do it”? 

There will be more tomorrow…


Please check back later today...


~ And Smart’s A Pothead! ~



    Becky - maybe our paths crossed.  I delivered newspapers to that neighborhood!!!
    I walked into Luckees delivering the New Era of all things!

    This email in yesterday in response to my post below, “DO WE LOOK ALIKE?”  What a hoot!  Our paths may have crossed – but – I spent a lot of night at Luckee’s – I just don’t remember much about them.  Go figure.  Enough said about that.

    There will be more about the pictures tomorrow and I will tell you who is who (if you haven’t figured it out).


    Do you think I should take Marv Adams under my wing and teach him a thing or two?  Horrors!  That was a rhetorical question.  His column today is titled “It’s murder and mayhem.”  Marv, if you don’t know after 37 years in the news business that crime sells, there is simply no help for you and you should not be a newspaper editor.  You shouldn’t even be employed by a newspaper.

    And I’m not going to tell Marv why that is and why it is not a bad or negative thing in any way.  I don’t think he’s smart enough to understand. 

    I will tell Marv this:  Put a picture of pregnant Angie Funk on your front page and you’ll double your circulation.  That’s guaranteed.


     Millions of Americans have smoked pot. I'm sure for some it was a "gateway drug" to harder things, and others tossed away their aspirations to sit around and get high all day. But Phelps and Holmes prove it's possible to smoke pot and still achieve at a very high level.

Gil Smart in his Sunday News column today, “Medals, bongs and little lies,” (click here).

    Smart, you are the perfect example of the person who smokes pot and does not achieve at a very high level.  We all know your brother was busted by the cops several years ago for pot possession – well, if you didn’t know – he was.  Give it up, Smart.  Just say you smoke it and leave me alone.  Blah, blah, blah.

    Hey, do you suppose that’s why I don’t remember much of what happened at Luckee’s?  Shhhhh…..

Please check back tomorrow.




    Do we look alike?  What about the two blondes at the bottom of the Luckee’s picture?  Can you tell who is who?




I hope to have something very interesting later today.  You see, over the years, my mother dropped clues.  And last night, I realized I had overlooked a huge one.

Please check back late this afternoon…





Angela Funk, Christmas, 2008


    It has been confirmed.  Angela Funk, the mistress of Michael Roseboro, traveled to New York City over a month ago to meet with the staff of the TV show 48 Hours.  Roseboro is accused of killing his wife in the evening after having sex with Funk for three hours on the afternoon of the day Jan Roseboro, the mother of four, was brutally killed.  Funk and Roseboro also spoke at least twice by phone on the evening of the murder.

    Funk is pregnant with Roseboro’s baby and is expected to deliver in April, two months before his trial is scheduled to begin on July 6, 2009.

    July 6 is also Funk’s wedding anniversary with her husband, Randy, allegedly the father of her two daughters.  Reports now indicate that a separation between the two will happen any day.

    It is not known when or if the TV show will air – 48 Hours often likes to wait until the outcome of the trial is known before running  their excellent pieces – but I will try to find out. 

    How many more unbelievable twists and and turns will this story take?  I foresee quite a few coming very soon and LIPNews will stay on top of this astounding story twist by twist. 

Please check back tomorrow for a news round-up…




    "I have a moral and legal obligation to protect the safety and well-being of the college's students," Fry said in a statement.

F&M President John Fry quoted in the Intell on 1-17-09, “Franklin & Marshall College closes frat house,” (click here).

    If that were true, Mr. Fry, you would redact an award named after an incest perpetrator and academic fraud – my father’s self-named and self-funded Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award. 

    Your failure to do so, after seven years, indicates you have no moral compass, you do not care about the safety and well-being of your students and you are entirely lacking any human decency and common sense.  Further, your treatment of Ron Harper, Jr. and your repeated violations of his Constitutional Rights is repugnant and unbelievable.  A Talkbacker posted this under the article:

    Since Fry is Lancaster's version of Dean Wormer, he should put them on double secret probation.

    Yes - Fry is a joke - but not in a funny way.


    At no point was Ramos a danger to the public, Umstead said.

Lancaster City Police Spokesman Todd Umstead quoted in the 1-22-09 Intell story, “Suspect who fled guard in hospital recaptured,” (click here).

    This story ran for over two days.  In fact, in an Intell article from the day before, “Suspect flees Lancaster General Hospital,” (click here) there was this:

    Officials stressed that residents should not try to confront Ramos if they see him but should call 911 or city police.

    How do the Lancaster Newspapers let these public officials get away with blatant lies?  The man was loose for two days but there was no danger to the public? 

    Will we ever learn the name of the guard who we pay and who cost the city a fortune trying to recapture Ramos?  Will we ever learn why Ramos was put in jail on Sunday and was in Lancaster General Hospital on Monday?  What a disgrace these papers are!


    What was not mentioned is how serious it could be; hand-written signs in the hotel lobby and elsewhere throughout the hotel and convention center clearly ask workers to:

Please smoke as it helps to control the mold.

    This is unusual, to say the least.

Artie See in LookingatLancaster.com, “A Growing Concern,” (click here).

    I’d say it’s unusual!  It’s unbelievable.  We need a picture of one of those signs.  Thank goodness we have Artie back to tell us the truth.  I wonder if there’s any science behind the “cigarette smoke kills mold” theory? 


    Finally, today, check out the Lancaster Zcene (click here)!  This is the work of Chris Hart Nibbrig, formerly of the Lancaster Post with Ron Harper, Jr., and a man who is also suing John Fry and Franklin & Marshall College!  What a great format and layout (notice David Schell designed it!).  I can’t wait to see how it develops!  If you forget how to get there, NewsLanc.com has a direct link on their site.

       There will be more on NewsLanc and a great series they are running tomorrow.




Amanda Balionis


    "My favorite part was jumping in with your clothes on," said 9-year-old Emily Mackey. "It was fun because I've never been allowed to jump in with clothes on before."

“Test the waters,” by Amanda Balionis, today’s Sunday News (click here).

    My high school graduating class had one black student. My entire college had 12 black students in 1968.

Marv Adams, editor of the Sunday News in his column today, “Children shall lead us,” (click here).

    And after you graduated from college, Marv, you worked for the Lancaster Newspapers where you walked into an office five days a week for 37 years that employs no minorities on their editorial staff.  You still don’t, bossman Marv.  You blatantly discriminate.

    So what did Marv do?  He hired Amanda Balionis as a reporter in October of 2008.  I guess her writing skills were just too great to overlook, huh, Marv?

    Well, Amanda has her resume up on the web to be a sportscaster and she even includes a TV demo tape – calm down men, the link is here.

    Amanda also shows her interview talents in this Lancaster Online video (click here).  Can you ask “What is your favorite Eagles’ cheer?”

    I guess Marv and associate editor Gil Smart were so impressed with her multiple talents that they just had to hire this seasoned reporter!

Please check back tomorrow…


Well, well well!  And who is this, Marv?

Please check back later today...


Please check back later today…



Angela Funk, Christmas 2008

Please check back later today...

~ Without A Doubt! ~


Angela & Randy Funk


    Angela Funk is pregnant with Michael Roseboro’s baby.  It is by far the biggest story of 2008. 

    On July 22 of this year, Jan Roseboro, mother of four children, was brutally murdered in her yard and pool area while three of her children were inside the house.  Her husband, funeral director Michael Roseboro, was arrested eleven days later and charged with her murder.

    In the Affidavit of Probable Cause, a mistress was named – Angela Funk.  And suddenly the Lancaster Newspapers went silent as startling new details were uncovered daily.

    But none can be so shocking as this breaking news I published on this site on August 18, 2008:





    I heard directly from a family member that Angela Funk is pregnant with Michael Roseboro's baby. They report that Randall Funk had a vasectomy after his second daughter was born.
    There is obviously no way to absolutely confirm this other than directly from Angela Funk's mouth - although time will ultimately tell. But I have it on the second best authority that she is pregnant.


    No question mark is now needed.  Angela Funk is pregnant and showing.  It is believed she will give birth in April of 2009, two months prior to her being the major prosecution witness at Roseboro’s trial, which is scheduled to begin on July 6, Funk’s wedding anniversary to her husband Randy.  

    I will have a wrap-up of this tragic story with every unbelievable twist and turn tomorrow before this site takes a brief New Year’s break.




Mike Roseboro                 Angie Funk                           Randy Funk


    I just read the LNP....wow they actually...named Angie Funk of DENVER!!! That she was having a secret 7-week affair with Roseboro... and had SEX and talked about divorcing their spouses just hours before he "allegedly" killed his wife..... wow Lnp!!!!!

    This heavy sarcasm was posted on the DenverPaOnline forum yesterday under the “Roseboro case” thread (click here).  Since it was started on August 4, 2008, the thread has gone to 84 pages with 1,251 posts and it has been viewed 65,663 times.

    Check back later today for Mike and Angie baby news!!!


~ For Ernie, John & Janet! ~



    Here's some advice for a wanted person: Peacefully give up before Lancaster police bring their search dog Cico to look for you.

    And other tip: Don't grab the dog's mouth.

   Two alleged trespassers and a man wanted for parole violation ended up at the hospital after they were bitten by Cico in the past two nights. None of their wounds was serious.

John M.  Hoober, III in the Lancaster New Era on November 2, 2004 in a story titled, “Police dog bites 3 in city arrests,” (click here).

    Several years after I moved to Philadelphia in the early 1980’s, the Sunday Inquirer ran a multi-part investigative series on men and women who were bitten by Philadelphia Police K-9 dogs.  I believe the two reporters won a hugely deserved Pulitzer Prize..

    It literally had the whole town talking.  It made you cringe.  Week after week there was page after page with pictures of the victims and the details of their being bitten and pictures of their wounds and scars.  Most of the victims were minorities.  In some of the cases, the victims were never arrested and had committed no crime.  The bottom line to the story:  The officers purposely, and for no justifiable reason, ordered their dogs to bite.

    Numerous police officers were fired and the whole K-9 unit was reorganized as a result.  Numerous lawsuits were filed and won.

   It is some of the best reporting I have ever read, and it always reminds me of the necessity and power and importance of the press and their mission in a free society.   

  Which brings me to John M. Hoober III, a long time police reporter for the Lancaster New Era, and his opening sentences above to a story he wrote in November of 2004 I happened across in the newspaper archives. 

    I honestly don’t know how a reporter could write those sentences.    I don’t know how an editor could approve those sentences.   It disgusts me to my core every time I read them.  Hoober has proved over and over again he should not be a reporter.


    And then we have Janet Kelley:  A reporter for the New Era for over 25 years.  She is either the stupidest woman on the planet or she is in collusion with the police and has been for years.    

   I signed up for the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the name “astonished” in August of 2004 in response to a Janet Kelley New Era article on August 16, 2004, titled, "Still no trace of missing mother from Columbia."   I posted the following on August 17:

    "Police are stumped."  Astonishing.  Nothing going on in that household.  The police were called the week before.  The boyfriend was jealous and on the day she disappeared, she had taken her newborn child for a paternity test.  The boyfriend doesn't tell anyone she's missing until two days later when her father stops by.  The boyfriend misspeaks and says, "things she was planning to discard anyway."  Shouldn't he have said "things she DID discard."  No wonder the police are stumped!  This is a hard one.  No motives, no clues, no opportunity and no suspects.

    You can read all my posts under that article about Cortney Fry on this archived page on the old Lipnews website.

    In her recent, unconscionable article, “Case closed?  Not for this guy,” about Lancaster County Detective Joseph Geesey, she says this:

    Ten years after robbers let Horace and Mary Amanda Swarr starve to death in their city home in 1979, Geesey helped earn the conviction of four Maryland men for the crime.

    That’s not exactly what happened, Janet, you should know better.  I’ve always thought there was something very, very fishy about this case.  In fact, I still have clippings from it. 

    You know what I suggest, Janet, why don’t you check whether Detectives Geesey, Henry, Goeke, McComsey and Walsh were living above their means in the 1980’s.  Why don’t you check that out, Janet?

    Please see the Lancaster Lynching story below on this site and check back tomorrow as I continue to help Ernie Schreiber clean his filthy, racist house before the convention center opens and this week's Lancaster Post (where is it, Harper?) and much more.

Kelley’s article on Geesey is here.




    It also means looking over the real estate and deciding if it presents the best face to new eyes. Should the front porch be painted? What about that sagging gate? Now, this summer and fall -- during good weather -- is the time to complete those jobs.

From today’s New Era editorial, “Prepare for guests downtown in 2009.”

Please check back later today.  I’ll help Ernie clean his filthy house! 


Janet Kelley’s article on Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey, “Case closed?  Not for this guy,” was published on the same day I received an email from my webhost reminding me I have 60 days to renew the domain name, “LancasterLynching.com.”

Please check back later today…




    Sometimes, as you know, I am overwhelmed by the Lancaster Newspapers’ outrageous and unconscionable disregard for journalism ethics and standards and the press’s duty to hold officials accountable and to improve their community and society and to give voice to those with little or no voice.  Three unbelievable examples today:

    1.  “A Lancaster city man was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon after a six-year investigation that led police to file numerous charges involving sexual assaults of young children.”

 (See “WHY NOT SEVEN?” immediately below on this site.)

    Did anyone, anyone at all – the reporter, the copy editor or the editor - think of asking the police and the D.A.’s office why it took six years?    How many new victims were there during those six years?  It’s so absurd and sick that I will have to address this later - maybe because the man was Hispanic and his young victims likely Hispanic, it wasn’t viewed/treated as a “priority?”

    2.  The state association's gathering next year is the largest event planned for the Lancaster County Convention Center and Penn Square Marriott hotel now under construction at East King and South Queen streets.

Yesterday’s New Era article, “Center books Pa. League of Cities,” (click here). 

    I’ll let a Talkback poster take this one – and only add, of course, that it is against every journalism code of ethics in this country for the Lancaster Newspapers to be a 50% business partner in this $200 million publicly funded white elephant:

    The Pa. League of Cities, one of the groups cited to justify building the huge venue, deliberately books in a different city every year. So it would be several years before the group returned, if ever; and is no indication of future business.
    If, at 500 attendees, it is the largest event booked to date, that is truly a disaster. The venue was designed to accommodate over 2000. There is still no evidence to justify the cost to taxpayers and the squandering of the real estate to build the monstrosity. And if this is the largest event booked to date, it's worse than I thought.


    3.  But if Republicans don’t want to be accused of being racists then they shouldn’t, you know, be racist.

Gil Smart, the associate editor of the Sunday News, posting on his blog this week.

    In a city with an over 50% Hispanic and black population, the Lancaster Newspapers do not have a black or Hispanic on their over 100 editorial staff of employees.

    You are an absolute disgrace and hypocrite, Smart.  There will be much more to come on the blatant and illegal racism at the Lancaster Newspapers.


    One happy note – I haven’t had time to read much of this week’s Lancaster Post – but they have a great editorial cartoon!  The staff of the Lancaster Newspapers should take Journalism 101 and read it.  Click here for the Lancaster Post.

Please check back tomorrow.


Due to space limitations the remainder of this front page is here.  Please be patient as I try to work through these issues.  Thank you.